DJ Aaron Hodge


The DJ for everyone ...

This party rocking, globe trotting and open format DJ, based out of Chicago, has done it ALL! Whether it's performing with major label acts, playing as tour support, on a radio mix show, playing for 2000+ at a venue, or coordinating the music for the Major League Soccer team, Chicago Fire; Aaron has done it! Aaron is well known for creating a party and show experience so everyone in the audience has an excellent time. 

Other than doing events for big name industries and some A-list types, Aaron maintains to keep a level head. He has had opportunities to play with artists such as the Jump Smokers, Zedd, MAKJ, Lil Jon, and many more. His mixes can be heard on stations in Milwaukee, Chicago and Tampa, as well as on iTunes and  Tune In Radio. He has had tracks that have been supported by numerous DJ pools like Direct Music Service, DJ City and My MP3 Pool.

DJ Aaron Hodge has been an honorable mention in both Chicago and Rockford as one of the BEST Event DJ's (Red Eye & RRSTAR).

Want to catch DJ Aaron Hodge in action?

Check out his website for upcoming shows. 

On KNHB Radio DJ Aaron Hodge can be heard on Sundays during the Sunday Funday Mixout.

Contact DJ Aaron Hodge

Facebook: @DJ Aaron Hodge

Instagram: @ahodgemusic

Twitter: @ahodgemusic

Soundcloud: @DJ Aaron Hodge

iTunes: DJ Aaron Hodge Radio

TuneIn Radio: DJ Aaron Hodge Radio